The provision of services offered by Liveblast are aimed at alleviating the challenges faced in the community by all ethnic groups.

Homelessness due to substance misuse, mental health issues, domestic violence, placement breakdowns, young people living in care, asylum seekers, unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees.

Restoring and rebuilding loss of jobs, homes or damaged relationships due substance misuse or mental health. Assisting with help and support to victims of domestic violence.

The young people will be offered accommodation and support that includes key working, access to support services, learning life skills & education, support to find suitable work opportunities and activities 24/7 that include:

  • Enjoying a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Staying safe
  • Managing money and accessing benefits
  • Personal development, goals and aspirations
  • Assistance and support to gain enrolment and attend appropriate places of education.
  • Support with transportation to attend appointments, meetings with external agencies and for recreational activities.
  • Support with contacts from local communities to foster integration.

Through working with local authorities and other agencies we can support clients with finding suitable accommodation when they feel ready to move on.